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Nonprofit Times

The NonProfit Times is a business publication for nonprofit management. The NonProfit Times delivers news, business information and original research on the daily operations of tax-exempt organizations.
"Other print and electronic information sources from NPT Publishing include: Exempt, a print and electronic publication geared to CEOs, CFOs and board chairs at organizations with at least $10 million in revenue; NPT Weekly, an e-letter with news and management tips; NPT Instant Fundraising, an e-letter on all aspects of fundraising; Exempt e-letter, which has financial news; NPT TechnoBuzz, which covers technology issue in the nonprofit sector; and, NPT Jobs a weekly e-letter with human resource information and newly posted job opening. NPT Publishing also operates its website, and the site"
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CRM Magazine

"CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. True CRM brings together information from all data sources within an organization (and where appropriate, from outside the organization) to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time. This allows customer facing employees in such areas as sales, customer support, and marketing to make quick yet informed decisions on everything from cross-selling and upselling opportunities to target marketing strategies to competitive positioning tactics." 
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CFO Magazine

"Our mission at CFO magazine is to help our 400,000 readers cope with this transformation. Our task, as we see it, is to provide our readers with 1) solid reporting on the news and trends that most directly affect them; 2) analyses of the accomplishments of finance executives facing complex problems; 3) original research into what their peers as a group think about critical economic issues; and 4) exposure to innovative thinkers who will challenge their assumptions. Our content ranges well beyond traditional accounting and financial management, and addresses our readers' interest in their careers as well as their concerns as managers. In reporting a story, we ask not just "What happened?" but "What can you learn from this?" We cover their core concerns thoroughly, but also urge them to "think differently.""
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Information Week

 "InformationWeek is the business technology market's foremost multimedia brand. We recognize that business technology executives use various platforms for different reasons throughout the technology decision-making process, and we develop our content accordingly. The real-world IT experience and expertise of our editors, reporters, bloggers, and analysts have earned the trust of our business technology executive audience.

InformationWeek is the anchor brand for the InformationWeek Business Technology Network -- a powerful portfolio of resources that span the technology market, including security with, storage with, application architecture with, network architecture with, communications with and internet innovation with Through its multi-media platform and unique content-in-context information distribution system, the InformationWeek Business Technology Network provides trusted information developed both by editors and real-world IT professionals delivered how and when business technology executives want it, 24/7."
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Philanthropy Journal

"The Philanthropy Journal is an independent voice and champion for nonprofits and their supporters. Through a daily website and free, weekly email bulletin, we deliver nonprofit news, resources, announcements and job listings. The Philanthropy Journal is a program of the Institute for Nonprofits at NC State University in Raleigh, N.C"
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Nonprofit Quarterly

"NPQ’s mission is to promote an active and engaged democracy. We do this through collecting and publishing breaking news and analysis. We provide a venue for challenging discourse on twenty first century activism. NPQ’s commitment to collective action is rooted in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - as well as in our hearts and “in the lived experience of justice and freedom seeking people around the world."

"Online NPQ is a source for information and dialogue about democratic activism and about the organizations and movements that are a part of that. In print Nonprofit Quarterly is a serious management journal which is research based but geared to practitioner use."
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Third Sector New England

"Third Sector New England provides management and leadership resources to help nonprofits support healthy, just communities. With a staff of dedicated non-profit professionals, TSNE is an effective fiscal sponsor, convener, consultant and grantmaker, offering a unique blend of capacity-building programs and services. Our work also complements that of the funding community and other capacity builders.  
Founded in 1959 as the Massachusetts Health Research Institute, we have expanded our programs over the past half century to serve nonprofits throughout New England and New York (as a fiscal sponsor). Our training, publications, and both online and print resources reach a national audience. And we are part of numerous national collaborations, often working across sectors, to increase the knowledge, power and effectiveness of the non-profit community."
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Energize, Inc

"Energize, Inc. is an international training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in volunteerism. If these words are in your vocabulary--community service, membership development, auxiliary, community organizing, service-learning, lay ministry, pro bono work, supporter, friends group, political activist, service club-- we can help!! Founded in 1977, Energize has assisted organizations of all types with their volunteer efforts--whether they are health and human service organizations, cultural arts groups, professional associations, or schools."
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